Help with Long Covid

It is estimated that between 30,000-60,0000 people in the UK are dealing with long-term chronic illness as a result of the Coronavirus infection. Most of them originally experienced quite mild Covid-19 symptoms. Three or more months later (and no longer contagious), they are suffering from breathlessness, debilitating fatigue, anxiety and poor sleep. This is now widely recognised as the ‘Long Covid’ phenomenon.

Brackenbury practitioner Julia Oji recently treated several individuals with such symptoms, and the results are very positive. She used a combination of

Acupuncture – good for organ support and boosting energy and
Lymphatic massage – helps relieve congestion and inflammation in the chest.

“After being laid up for 8 weeks with post-Covid symptoms, I saw a dramatic improvement in my breathlessness, palpitations and fatigue following my first treatment with Julia. After three treatments I am feeling back to normal again.” Celine

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Self Massage for Lymphoedema

Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist Julia Oji says: “If you suffer with lymphoedema and are finding your swelling has been worse without access to MLD treatment, try some self-help lymph massage techniques to get the fluid moving (see links below). Deep breathing exercises before and after the massage can help lymph drainage too. Use the following simple exercise:  

  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair, or lie on your bed with your knees slightly bent.
  • Rest your hands on your ribs.
  • Take slow, deep breaths to relax.
  • As you breathe in, move the air down to your tummy (abdomen). You will feel your tummy rising under your hands.
  • Breathe out slowly by sighing the air out. While breathing out, let your abdomen relax inwards again.
  • Do the deep breathing exercise five times.
  • Have a short rest before getting up, to avoid feeling dizzy.

Self-massage steps for leg lymphoedema: 

Self-massage steps for arm lymphoedema: 

Any queries or concerns please contact Julia directly at 

20% OFF Sophrology until 29 February

Sophrology has been used in continental Europe for more than 40 years in the corporate world, in the education system, in the medical world.

It uses methods and approaches both from the Eastern and Western traditions, including meditation, Yoga, hypnotherapy and mindfulness.

It is applicable to adults, adolescents, children and seniors, at everyone’s pace, during groups or individual sessions.

Clients report that Sophrology improves concentration, relieves stress and anxiety, calms exam and performance nerves, raises self-confidence and self-esteem.

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What can we do about the climate emergency?

Increasingly human beings are waking up to the glaring reality of climate change and its implications not just for the human but for all species on this planet.

It is easy to fall into a feeling of powerlessness in the face of the sheer enormity of the task ahead. And that is a beginning. To feel. To feel rather than to numb. To feel fear, shock, overwhelm, guilt, anger, despair and sadness. But that is just the first (and very important) step. And to allow the progression through every stage of feeling.

Then we can reflect. We can think about the causes – multiple one, e.g. overconsumption. What drives that? Looking for a sense of self/identity/status/value/comfort/nurture – and these are all inner/emotional drivers – how can we be satisfied through the inner world? What are other causes? Mindset? – the cultural, 2000-year-old idea that nature, the body, feelings, receptivity and reciprocity, the softer realms of life are somehow inferior, thus divorcing men and women alike from their inner nature, leading to a compensation in materialism. Other causes? Systemic problems in the outer structures of society e.g. agribusiness, advertising and so on. And many other causes.

From reflection we can go on to imagine – use our creativity positively. The images in our dreams, in art, in our inner world and images of the sheer Beauty of nature that inspires love/soul and the desire to preserve it. We can imagine how each of our unique gifts and talents can make a positive contribution.

Then we can act reducing, reusing, recycling yes, choosing green options yes but also coming up with creative solutions. We can allow our feelings, our refletions, our imaginings to become so imbued/integrated in us that we live the solution – feeling the way we are all at one with the planet. We see that we are the rainforest, the bird, the jewel of blue floating in space.

We can all do something. We can make a difference. And we can begin now.

Rosanne Hooper, February 2020

Qi, Blood and the Menstrual Cycle

Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest medicines to use holistic (body-mind-spirit) theory to treat imbalances in the human body. Our health is the result of the interactions among all three. Western medicine is catching on to this framework and its ability to offer a more tailored and efficient approach to treating individual patients. The “one size pill” does not fit all.

Image result for body mind spirit balance stones

Chinese medicine has been developed and refined over thousands of years. The old texts pre-date Jesus by 200 years, but even those have been hotly contested by a fossilized Ice Mummy named Otzi, aged 5,300! Otzi was found in a Swiss glacier with tattoo-like marks on his remains, corresponding to acupuncture points we would use to treat an arthritic lower back. An observant acupuncturist saw the pictures online and notified the team who later confirmed the presence of arthritis in a CT scan!

The framework to Chinese medical theory has not changed, but thanks to scientific research in reproductive medicine, we are now able to add a level of sophistication to our clinical approach.

Our health and menstrual cycle is a manifestation of flow. The moon waxes and wanes as does our breath; the mucosal folds in our small intestine help to regulate the flow of food; the pituitary/ovary axis is in a constant flow of communication; an egg is nurtured in the follicle till it is ready to be released and flow down the fallopian tube to meet its future.

Image result for moon phases

In the same way, our Qi and Blood must flow unimpeded throughout our body.

The Chinese character for Qi is written in 2 parts – the upper part represents steam or air. The lower part depicts rice cooking in a pot.

What the ancient Chinese were drawing is one of the simplest equations in medical science:

Food + air = energy.


Qi facilitates the flow of communication between the organs and interior and exterior parts of the body – blinking, thinking, sleeping, blood flow, these are all effects of Qi.

Qi and Blood have a close relationship. Blood is a form of Qi, albeit a dense one, for Qi infuses life into Blood. Without Qi, blood would be an inert fluid.

The main function of Blood is to nourish the body and ensure the body’s tissues don’t dry out. With a deficiency of Blood, the sinews become inflexible and prone to injury, the skin becomes dry and periods can become scanty or stop altogether. When our Blood is strong, we have radiant skin, vital energy and normal menstruation.

If our Qi or Blood become congested in one area due to emotional or physical trauma, it will affect the body, mind and spirit in a domino effect. Poor diet, a lack of sleep, stress or any other issue that is allowed to build up over time, can become a contributing factor.

One of the functions of the Liver is to ensure the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body, not only through our organs but also our emotions. If constrained over a long period of time, our emotions become compromised giving rise to depression, frustration and irritability. Emotional stress at the time of ovulation can prevent an egg from being released. Stress can affect the levels of hormones released by the pituitary, which are necessary for the growth and release of an egg.

Restoring the flow of Qi and Blood creates balance in the body, restores well-being and helps resolve illness.

According to Chinese medicine, one of the key aspects of the menstrual cycle is the shedding of the endometrium (uterine lining). Treatment here usually focuses on moving Qi and Blood. If the period flow is problematic in any way – large clots, bright red blood, intense pain – key diagnostic information can be garnered.


During the menstrual cycle coiled blood vessels that feed the uterine lining, tighten and restrict blood flow causing it to die. Then, the tightly coiled vessels relax and expand again, releasing the lining from its base layer. Tissue, cells, fluid and blood vessels are shed resulting in several days of menstrual flow.

Image result for uterus menstrual cycle

There is a theory that the purpose of the frequent “cleaning” of the uterus, is to prime and condition the uterine lining to ensure a successful implantation of the fertilized egg. A clean home is a healthy home!

This action takes place during the first half of the menstrual cycle, also known as the “Follicular phase”. In Chinese medicine this phase is characterized by the growth of Yin and Blood. Yin represents cool, calm, water, softness, conservation and storage – the incubating and nurturing of the egg.

Image result for yin yang menstrual cycle

The second phase, or “Luteal phase”, is characterized by the growth of Yang. It is the period of time between ovulation and the beginning of menstruation. Progesterone is produced by the ovary and nutrients are secreted by the uterine lining in preparation for a fertilized egg.

Yang is fire, heat, excitement, and transformation. The release of the egg is itself a reflection of Yang energy – womb to world, a transformation from nest to flight.

The switch from Yin to Yang, can be seen in the change in fertile mucus from stretchy, clear, pH friendly to a thick, dry, pasty discharge.

During the Yang phase, the uterus must be kept warm – something Doctors of Chinese Medicine have put emphasis on for hundreds of years. A “cold uterus” is seen as a common cause of infertility. Anyone who has had to track her Basal Body Temperature (BBT) will know of the importance in this hike in temperature post ovulation. The warmth of the uterus refers to its metabolic activity, the manufacturing and secreting of nutrients and the maintenance of a nurturing home for the fetus.

Periods are like a monthly report card evaluating the combined health of our holistic make up. Their nature and accompanying symptoms help us see where glitches in the movement of Qi and Blood lie. Treatment is tailored to help ease the symptoms of irregular, painful, clotted, heavy, or emotionally draining periods.

With Qi and Blood flowing in harmony, there is such a thing as a beautiful period.

Liv Inge BSc, LicAc, MBAcC


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