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Acupuncture is part of the traditional medicine of China which also includes herbal medicine, exercise, massage and diet. It is based on a history, philosophy and sociology very different from that of the West, and over the last 3000 years has developed a unique understanding of the workings of the body.

How Acupuncture works:

Acupuncture is the method of using fine needles to stimulate invisible lines of energy running beneath the surface of the skin. This effects a change in the energy balance of the body and works to restore health. In addition, acupuncturists often use moxibustion – the stimulation of energy by the use of burning herbs. Both acupuncture and moxibustion are powerful forms of medicine and can be used for treating a wide variety of complaints.

Acupuncture treats the whole person:

Western medicine and Chinese medicine approach disease in fundamentally different ways. Western medicine looks for an external cause or agent of a specific disease which it tries to isolate and control or destroy with drugs or surgery. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture take into account not only the disease symptoms but also characteristics of the individual concerned like age, habits, physical and emotional traits. The acupuncturist attempts to put together an overall picture of the patient in order to evaluate any patterns of disharmony that have arisen. Acupuncture views health is a state of harmony between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. Illness, on the other hand, is a disharmony that manifests itself as certain symptoms. Acupuncture regards symptoms by themselves as unimportant, in that they are merely a part of the syndrome of harmony or disharmony which makes up the whole person.

Many things can upset the balance of the body and disturb the flow of Qi (energy). The acupuncturist lays great stress on the importance of emotional states – diet – adverse effects of drugs taken -weather conditions like coldness, damp, heat or wind – exercise and rest either too little or too much – trauma – poisons – hereditary factors and – epidemics. These are all taken into account in the diagnosis. The acupuncturist will look at your tongue for signs of the above elements and also take the ‘Chinese’ pulse in the wrists.

Acupuncture and illness:

Since all illness is the result of an imbalance of energy,acupuncture can affect almost any health condition as long as the degenerative process in the tissue of the body is not too extensive. People often come for acupuncture with complaints such as skin problems, menstrual disturbances, joint problems, depression, digestive problems and fatigue. Acupuncture is suitable for babies and children. Pregnant women need to inform the practitioner who will then use special precautions in the choice of points.

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