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21st Oct 2020 | News

Help with Long Covid

It is estimated that between 30,000-60,0000 people in the UK are dealing with long-term chronic illness as a result of the Coronavirus infection. Most of them originally experienced quite mild Covid-19 symptoms. Three or more months later (and no longer contagious), they are suffering from breathlessness, debilitating fatigue, anxiety and poor sleep. This is now widely recognised as the ‘Long Covid’ phenomenon.

Brackenbury practitioner Julia Oji recently treated several individuals with such symptoms, and the results are very positive. She used a combination of

Acupuncture – good for organ support and boosting energy and
Lymphatic massage – helps relieve congestion and inflammation in the chest.

“After being laid up for 8 weeks with post-Covid symptoms, I saw a dramatic improvement in my breathlessness, palpitations and fatigue following my first treatment with Julia. After three treatments I am feeling back to normal again.” Celine

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