Unfold Your Full Potential with Psychotherapy

As Spring unfolds into Summer, psychotherapy provides the space for you to blossom into your full potential.

Most people enter into therapy at times of difficulty in their lives. They come wanting help with relationships, depression, anxiety, stress or any one (often more) areas from a myriad of life issues that can be challenging. People arrive in the therapy room at different stages of upset, self-awareness or stuckness. For some it is their first time, for others it might be a continuation of a journey started long ago.

In those first few sessions, the therapist has the privilege of hearing what has brought this unique person to them, as the client perhaps tentatively, sometimes boldly, shares – or struggles to share – their difficulties.

At the heart of this exchange is the therapeutic relationship that builds between the therapist and client. This connection is where the healing takes place and allows for the possibility of something different, a new experience in which safety, non-judgement and authentic regard are present.

The therapy room is a microcosm of the wider world and a place in which to experiment with alternative ways of being, relating and experiencing. There is no right or wrong in the therapy room, just what is, an acceptance of that and an awareness of how this affects us in our current lives.

Through this increase in self-awareness, comes greater choice, a release from being stuck in fixed patterns of relating and behaving, allowing you to step into the fullness of yourself.

Candice Johnson
Psychotherapist and Supervisor in W1, W3 & W6
MSc, UKCP registered


Are you in your 40s/50s and struggling to control your weight?  Are symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats and loss of libido impacting on your life?  As a nutritionist and hypnotherapist,  Lowri Turner specialises in helping women with hormone balance problems and weightloss. New for 2017, Lowri is adding targetted herbs to her nutritional programmes.  Specific and personalised combinations of herbs such as saw palmetto, black cohosh, milk thistle and DIM can all be highly effective in combatting menopausal symptoms and helping you lose that annoying ‘fat around the middle’. So why not come in for a FREE 30 minute initial assessment? Email reception@brackenburyclinic.com or call 020 8741 9264 to make an appointment.


Our Reiki and Shiatsu practitioner Deva Leela is offering £10 off her treatments until 31 March. Leela has been involved in the field of natural health for many years. She has worked with clients to help reduce stress and assist the healing of a wide range of complaints – from musculo-skeletal to digestive and reproductive. Her treatments are soothing and deeply relaxing.


Experienced homeopath Imogen Spencer is offering £20 OFF her first appointment for children and adults until 31 January. Homeopathy is a gentle, yet powerful system that can address a wide range of issues on the mental and physical level. Skin conditions, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and many other complaints are often treated with homeopathy at the Brackenbury Clinic. Phone us on 020 8741 9264 to request more information or to make an appointment.


Hypnotherapist and regressionist Nicolas Michaelides is offering a 25% discount (£120 instead of £160 for two hours) to new clients until the end of November.

Autumn is a time for turning inwards and taking stock. If you are looking for ways to release old unnecessary habits and patterns of behaviour and thought, maybe hypnotherapy could help. Call or email the clinic to book your appointment and please mention this offer to receive the discount.


Brackenbury Clinic aromatherapists Makeda Hemans and Olivia Inge are offering their hourly treatments for £50 instead of £65 until Christmas! Treat yourself to this luxurious massage or make use of the offer to buy Christmas Gift Vouchers, which will be valid for 6 months.

Aromatherapy is an ancient art in which essential oils are used in conjunction with a unique and special massage to rebalance the nervous sytem and the metabolism of the body. The oils are chosen individually to suit the client both mentally and physically. Some of the benefits reported include restored energy levels, reduced pain and anxiety, improved circulation, better sleep etc.

£10 OFF Sports Massage until 16 September

Sports Massage therapist Maite Delafin is offering £10 off her one-hour treatments until 16 September. Sports Massage is beneficial for everyone – from people with sedentary lifestyles to professional athletes. The treatment will be tailored to the individual needs of every client with special emphasis on improving range of movement, releasing muscular tension and encouraging recovery from potential injury. Please mention this offer when you call to book.

£20 OFF Homeopathy for Children

Homeopath Imogen Spencer is offering the first consultation for children at a £20 discount until the end of September 2016. Children respond very well to homeopathic treatment for a wide range of different conditions including colic, sleeplessness, ear ache, coughs and colds, temper tantrums, exam nerves, skin conditions and many others. The appointment lasts around one hour and the remedies used are completely safe and free of side effects. If you wish to have a chat with Imogen before booking an appointment, please call the clinic on 020 8741 9264.


Nutritionist Lowri Turner offers a comprehensive laboratory test for 150 foods, drinks and ingredients at her Friday clinic at the Brackenbury. The usual price is £249, but now clients can take the test for £199.
Food intolerances can cause bloating and water retention, as well as fuel cravings and compulsive eating. They can also be a factor in digestive problems such as IBS and skin conditions including eczema and rosacea. Common allergens tested include wheat, gluten, yeast, cow, sheep and goat dairy, soy, citrus and different wine grape varieties.
The test is easy and quick to do (just a skin prick) and results are available in a matter of days.
Follow-up support, including help and advice, a food exclusion food plan and programme of 1-1 consultations is also available. Phone us on 020 8741 9264 or email reception to arrange your appointment.

£20 OFF Sports Massage until 31 May

We are happy to welcome to our team Sports Massage therapist Maite Delafin. Maite is offering £20 off her treatments until 31 May. Book a session and experience the multiple benefits of this specialised treatment. It is suitable not only for those involved in sports, but for people in sedentary and computer-bound professions. Read more about Sports Massage here.