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Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similarities. This states that any substance which can cause symptoms in a healthy human being, whether physical, emotional or mental, can be used to treat an individual showing similar symptoms, when they appear as deviation from the normal functioning of that individual.

For example, Belladonna, its natural form the common poison Deadly Nightshade, provokes a high restless fever, thirst, irritability and a burning sore throat. Belladonna taken in its homeopathic form is prescribed for a person with similar symptoms to those mentioned. The homeopath has to find the remedy that matches the symptoms in order for treatment to be effective.

The major difference between homeopathy and orthodox medicine is that homeopaths treat the whole person and not just the condition. They take into account the mental, emotional and physical characteristics, previous medical history and family history etc., in order to obtain a complete picture. The homeopath then prescribes a remedy with the aim to stimulate the natural healing energy present in every individual. There are more than 2000 remedies which come from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. A sophisticated process of dilution and succussion is used to develop the healing properties inherent in these substances.

Your homeopath will normally ask you to wait one month before a follow-up appointment. Thus the remedy is given plenty of time in which to trigger the body’s natural healing energy into starting the healing process. During this period certain changes may occur. Sometimes there is a physical reaction after taking a remedy, often in the form of a discharge, i.e. a cold. Sometimes there may be a temporary release of emotional symptoms. Sometimes old, forgotten symptoms may reappear briefly. Your homeopath will explain that this is a good sign and means that the body is dealing with conditions that were previously suppressed or not dealt with.

Patients ask how long it will take before they feel better. This is impossible to predict because each individual case is different and results depend on how much there is to unravel. Deep seated ailments, which may have been around for years do not disappear over night. However, after taking the remedy patients soon start to feel better in themselves with energy rising and more enjoyment of life.

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