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18th May 2017 | Article

Unfold Your Full Potential with Psychotherapy

As Spring unfolds into Summer, psychotherapy provides the space for you to blossom into your full potential.

Most people enter into therapy at times of difficulty in their lives. They come wanting help with relationships, depression, anxiety, stress or any one (often more) areas from a myriad of life issues that can be challenging. People arrive in the therapy room at different stages of upset, self-awareness or stuckness. For some it is their first time, for others it might be a continuation of a journey started long ago.

In those first few sessions, the therapist has the privilege of hearing what has brought this unique person to them, as the client perhaps tentatively, sometimes boldly, shares – or struggles to share – their difficulties.

At the heart of this exchange is the therapeutic relationship that builds between the therapist and client. This connection is where the healing takes place and allows for the possibility of something different, a new experience in which safety, non-judgement and authentic regard are present.

The therapy room is a microcosm of the wider world and a place in which to experiment with alternative ways of being, relating and experiencing. There is no right or wrong in the therapy room, just what is, an acceptance of that and an awareness of how this affects us in our current lives.

Through this increase in self-awareness, comes greater choice, a release from being stuck in fixed patterns of relating and behaving, allowing you to step into the fullness of yourself.

Candice Johnson
Psychotherapist and Supervisor in W1, W3 & W6
MSc, UKCP registered


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