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16th May 2016 | News


Nutritionist Lowri Turner offers a comprehensive laboratory test for 150 foods, drinks and ingredients at her Friday clinic at the Brackenbury. The usual price is £249, but now clients can take the test for £199.
Food intolerances can cause bloating and water retention, as well as fuel cravings and compulsive eating. They can also be a factor in digestive problems such as IBS and skin conditions including eczema and rosacea. Common allergens tested include wheat, gluten, yeast, cow, sheep and goat dairy, soy, citrus and different wine grape varieties.
The test is easy and quick to do (just a skin prick) and results are available in a matter of days.
Follow-up support, including help and advice, a food exclusion food plan and programme of 1-1 consultations is also available. Phone us on 020 8741 9264 or email reception to arrange your appointment.


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