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Although in its modern form massage dates back in Europe only to ca 1800, Greek and Roman physicians prescribed it as a form of treatment many centuries ago. In Asia it has been known and used for thousands of years. Physicians today recognise that massage benefits the body with the prevention, relief and cure of countless ailments and imbalances. It improves all bodily systems:

The Circulatory System

Massage quickens the blood flow by using direct pressure and stimulating the nerves. Nutrients are distributed around the body at a higher rate and the heart’s action is strengthened.

The Nervous System

Massage can either stimulate or soothe according to the methods used. Stimulation increases the activity of the muscles, vessels and glands while soothing massage movements relieve pain and nervous irritability.

The Lymphatic System

Direct massage pressure quickens the activity of the lymphatic ducts and glands promoting absorption and exchange of lymphatic fluids. This enables the body to eliminate harmful substances more quickly. A specific form of massage focused directly on the lymphatic system is called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (available at the Brackenbury Clinic).

The Respiratory System

Massage improves local circulation which increases the amount of carbonic acid gas in the body’s tissues. The lungs respond with deeper breathing.

The Digestive System

Massage excites the reflexive action of the nerves in the digestive system and also increases the amount of bile fluid produced by the liver. The manufacture of digestive juices in stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas are also helped by the increased activity of the glands and circulation, stimulated by massage.

The Muscular System

Massage strengthens the muscle tone through improved circulation and nutrition of the muscle tissue. It relaxes tense muscles and allows for greater ease of movement.

The Skeletal System

The improved circulation of the blood and lymph also brings more nutrients to and improves the circulation in the bones making them stronger and more flexible.

General Points:

  • in general the practitioners offer whole body massage
  • patients are asked to undress but will be covered on the massage table with only the part that is being massaged exposed
  • patients should tell the practitioner about any health problems like headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, infections, recent operations or irritable bowl syndrome
  • patients should refrain from eating for 1 ½ hours before treatment and should rest afterwards to gain the full benefits.

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