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Sara Thomas - Massage, Bowen Technique

Sara Thomas

Sara Thomas practises at the Brackenbury Clinic using Holistic MassageDeep Tissue Massage and the Bowen Technique. She originally honed her tactile sense by carving wood and modelling in clay when she studied fine arts (painting and sculpture) after leaving school. Inspired and fascinated by the human body and its amazing workings – the result of millions of years of evolution – she made a natural progression from forming bodies out of clay to following the forms of real live bodies with massage, and discovering how the simple act of touch made with awareness and knowledge can be a great facilitator of healing.

Having completed a long and thorough training in massage with a teacher who also worked with healing, Sara went on to explore psychotherapy and many different body-related therapies such as Gestalt, the Rosen method, Zero Balancing and more recently, the Bowen Technique. Concurrently she visited Denmark yearly over fifteen years to receive teaching from the renowned healer Bob Moore.

In 1984 she co-authored what is now titled “The New Book of Massage” and wrote “Massage for Common Ailments” in 1989. In the same year she co-founded the MassageTraining Institute (MTI), a body of schools and colleges teaching professional courses in massage to high standards of excellence.


£80/1 hr

£110/1.5 hrs

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