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Rolfing Structual Integration is a hands-on approach for working on the body as a ‘whole system’ of interrelated forces.  Rolfers focus on how the use of one part of the body affects other parts. They work from the top of the head to the feet, and at every level in-between, over a structured course of 10 sessions.  During Rolfing sessions the client is usually lying on a treatment table. They may also be sitting or standing.

The work can be quite strong when addressing specific adhesions or blockages in the tissue while exploring biomechanics and habits of movement. It can also be very light and awakening where the issue is more one of perception and having lost an awareness of relationships between parts of the body. Each session is a mixture of both.  Rolfing can also educate towards more awareness of potential to move.

Rolfing asks many questions of the body. It can typically find answers to questions like: Is your neck in a fixed position and lost its rotation? Is your spine able to support you properly? Does your movement pattern put strain on your knee? Does a lack of support in one area cause another area to overwork? Does your body have good balance? Does your body feel like it is hard work and aging quickly?  The aim is to provide a good balance and dispersion of effort in your movement habits.

Rolfing is rooted in a deep understanding of how fascia works and the role it plays in our bodies.  Fascia is now the focus of many different types of treatment and training across different disciplines. Rolfing Structural Integration puts fascia central from the first moment, and has a deep understanding of its workings to support us structurally, sensorially and emotionally.

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