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Romayne Campbell

I have been interested in the body for a long time, partly through competitive sport at a high level while younger, but also through doing a great deal of hiking in Europe and Australia.  My work was originally in finance and then in the public sector, with a concentration on Environmental and Rural Affairs. After 3 children, and 3 caesareans, I started to work more on people, finding out what makes people tick and the range of interests and aptitudes they bring to the public sector.

I reawakened my interest in people’s relationship to their bodies when one of my own children had an injury which proved difficult to solve by GP/Physio work. I explored the practice of Feldenkrais for a long period, before I discovered the skill of Rolfers at teaching clients about bodies and solving issues linked to movement and habits.  I found it had links several other body awareness practices, but I still felt that Rolfing and the focus on fascia was a much quicker and deeper way to change perception and patterns in the body.  Rolfing really focussed on the invisible but constant issue of gravity as the main force which we have to handle while moving – and really understood how gravity is both the issue but also the resource that we use every day to move effectively.

I decided to start modular training in the UK, but finished with a prolonged training at the European HQ in Munich.  It was a deep and fascinating training, which showed just how different people are in how they relate to and understand their own body.  That added a profound element to the work – it was not just fixing physical problems, but it was allowing people to learn about their own support structures and feel more balanced and at ease in their bodies, which led to a less stressed person, and better ways of being calmly supported in the world.  As I learnt more, I realised that the emotional states and the physical states are deeply intertwined and feedback from one to the other.  And working on the body itself and how it ‘feels’ can have a deep impact on the emotional state we habitually stay in.    I added ScarWork to my practice when I understood the benefit of light but deep work on disturbances to the fascial web, which has deepened my overall understanding of this subtle and complex fascial system.




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