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13th Jan 2016 | Article

Reflexology & Fertility

Reflexology-for-FertilityIt is becoming widely accepted that Reflexology has a beneficial effect on couples trying to conceive, both naturally or with assistance such as I.V.F. Fertility and the speed of conception is determined by both physical and psychological factors as well as possible nutritional deficiency.

Lack of ovulation is often caused by an imbalance in the thyroid gland causing a short luteal phase which means that any fertilised egg is not sustained in its early phase for long enough. This may not show up in a blood test but if it is a chronic condition will show up on the feet. Low thyroid and stress can lead to adrenal deficiency which causes further problems. Women failing to get pregnant often are increasingly stressed causing a build up of neurochemicals that affect the regulation of the hormones.

Reflexology creates a profound state of relaxation helping to rebalance the endocrine system (the hormones) so that periods become regular and ovulation can then take place. Reflexology gives increased blood flow to the uterus to assist implantation. Other conditions such as hostile cervical mucous, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis may respond well.

Another powerful modality is Vertical Reflexology Therapy (V.R.T.) -working with the top of the feet while standing. V.R.T. only takes a few minutes but is an incredibly powerful treatment. The body appears to be more receptive to healing energies when its in a standing position. Precision Reflexology is also useful, as well as advice on the importance of nutrition and the adverse effect of environmental influences. For example pesticides in fruit and vegetables are endocrine disruptors. The importance of a properly balanced diet, exercise and positive affirmation cannot be overstated.

More and more therapists and doctors are advising both partners to follow a four month pre-conception plan, to maximise general health and fertility. It is good to have Reflexology weekly for at least eight weeks, and then monthly before ovulation. Men also can have hormonal imbalances affecting their sperm count and will benefit from treatment.

JULIA SHAW, BA, ITEC, MAR, ART reg. I have been practising at the Brackenbury Clinic for many years. I have had special training in Fertility Reflexology and in Pregnancy Reflexology. I have treated many people with fertility problems with success and there is nothing better than treating someone from trying to become pregnant, through pregnancy to birth.


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