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Adrian Cox - Shiatsu practitioner

Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox is a dedicated Zen Shiatsu practitioner. His journey began with martial arts, which led to the study and diploma in Zen Shiatsu Zone Therapy at the London College of Shiatsu. He has immersed himself in the art of Japanese bodywork therapy which includes cupping and moxibustion.

Throughout his years as a practitioner, Adrian has successfully supported individuals dealing with conditions such as sciatica, back and shoulder pain, anxiety, sleep issues and many others.

His background in martial arts, particularly in Southern Shaolin Five Ancestors, paved the way for his transition into the healing arts, where he could dedicate himself to supporting and empowering others.

Adrian’s experience with the Shaolin Five Ancestors deepened his self-awareness and honed his ability to observe and understand the nuances of the human body. This transferable skill has become an integral part of his Zen Shiatsu practice.

Rooted in Chinese theories, Zen Shiatsu’s philosophies and principles resonated with Adrian’s passion for the art. He finds it fascinating how subtle techniques applied within the system can create lasting transformations. With compassion and positive regard, Adrian carries out each treatment according to your needs, guiding you towards your desired goals.

To maintain harmony between his mind and body, Adrian regularly practices Qi Gong, meditation, and various forms of exercise. These practices complement the essence of Zen Shiatsu and are the bedrock of his self-cultivation. Allowing him to fully connect with his work and provide an exceptional experience for his clients.

Adrian also enjoys expanding his knowledge by attending CPD courses (continuing professional development) in Shiatsu and gaining a qualification for onsite chair massage.

As a professional practitioner, he is an insured Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

The General Medical Council acknowledges any modality that is recognised by the CNHC.

Adrian combines professional expertise and a compassionate approach to encourage and support every client’s self-healing process, through the modality of Zen Shiatsu.



1st appt: £95/1.5 hrs

Follow-ups: £80/1 hr

Course of 6 sessions: £432 (10% discount)



To make an appointment with Adrian Cox please call the Brackenbury Clinic on 02087419264 or send an enquiry.Send Enquiry

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