30 Brackenbury Rd, London W6 0BA

Est. 1983

Brackenbury Natural Health Clinic



‘Sara Harrison is a sensitive and intuitive massage therapist. Unlike some others she works at a level that suits your body, never “knocks you out” with too much pressure but manages to work in a way that the body appreciates and responds to, leaving you feeling freer, looser and very relaxed.

Highly recommended!’

C. Hinton, London


‘I first began seeing Julia Oji due to hormonal imbalances I had been experiencing and irregular menstrual cycles which had been occurring for many months . Lymphatic Drainage Massage has helped my fluid retention, helped regulate my cycle and was part of an effective treatment plan for hormonal irregularities. I look forward to my monthly visits and Julia is always patient and kind. This clinic has a relaxed and friendly feel and is fantastic value in London. I could not recommend Julia and Brackenbury Clinic enough.’

April Buckley, London



‘I have been coming to the Brackenbury for 20+ years and unreservedly recommend it to anyone seeking alternative treatments.’

— S. Ross, W4


‘I have visited two practitioners at Brackenbury Clinic (Sagara-Podiatry, and Julia – Tui na. Both have improved my health (and life!) significantly. Many thanks.’

— J. Roberts, London


‘I am seeing Imogen today for a follow-up appointment for my son’s skin condition. It’s like a miracle – within ten days of treatment he was like a different child. Thank you so much for your help. Lovely people. Lovely clinic.’

— S. Scofield, Watford


‘My husband, myself and other family members have been seeing Dr Song Ke for 15 years. We have been greatly helped and inspired by him. The Brackenbury Clinic is a delightful, peaceful place.’

— S. & P. Howard


‘I first used the Brackenbury Natural Health Clinic 4 years ago when my quality of life was badly affected by stomach problems I had suffered with for years. I was given some simple dietary advice which I followed alongside regular treatment at the clinic and within 6 weeks my stomach healed tremendously, my energy levels increased and I felt amazing! The treatment and advice I received was so valuable – I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.’

— T. B. W6


‘I am always amazed that Daniel knows what the problem is without any prompting. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable, providing exercises to back up his treatment. All done with humour, putting you at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.’

— David


‘I wanted to say a massive thank you to Ossi Ron and the clinic. I’ve only recently started a course of Shiatsu with Ossi, but each week I am learning to become better connected to my body, and feel the treatments are really improving my physical and emotional well-being. ‘

— B. Newell, London


‘I first tried acupuncture at Brackenbury when I was experiencing the unpleasant side effects of the menopause. The results were truly remarkable. I don’t know what I would have done without this surprisingly gentle treatment. Since then I have been having seasonal ’top-ups’ which keep me healthy and energised. Highly recommended.’


‘This is my third treatment and the difference in me is incredible. I feel much lighter, clear-headed and more grounded in my emotions. It is inspiring me to take much more responsibility for how I treat myself. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs to ’unblock’. (Colonics)


‘Thank you so much for an amazing treatment! I can’t believe I am feeling the great difference already. I feel lighter and bouncy! I am really looking forward to making the right changes to my diet, as you have advised, and feeling much happier and healthier all round. I will come back again. Thank you.’ (Colonics)


‘I have been seeing Claire (homeopath) for a while now. She is wonderful and has helped me on many levels – physical, emotional… I feel transformed through her insight, knowledge and remedies. I really look forward to my visits, I always make new discoveries about myself.’

— B. Williams, W13


‘Alexia is the best osteopath I have ever seen – she has so many different skills and works very intuitively. I feel so much better and am understanding my body so much more as a result of her treatments.’

— C. Hinton, Chiswick


‘Bowen sorted my frozen shoulder where everything else had failed. A top surgeon had told me I needed surgery to free a tendon that had been trapped for two and a half years.’


‘Five years after an operation to remove a non malignant growth from my scalp I still suffered from a tight and often unbearably itchy scalp, particularly over the area of scarring. I also lived with a feeling of my head being permanently cold, particularly at night. Incredibly it only took four visits to stop the symptoms. My scalp no longer itches, there is no tension and my head feels as if I am wearing a warm woolly hat and I have the added benefit of my hair looking like a shampoo advert, thick and glossy!’ (Indian Head Massage)


‘I love to dance and like many dancers sometimes overwork both my hips and shoulders. I have had ongoing problems with both and though physiotherapy helped I found the problem always came back. A friend recommended Bowen, I could not believe that something so gentle could be so effective. I feel better now than I have for years and it has also given me a new energy and excitement in life – amazing!’