30 Brackenbury Rd, London W6 0BA

Est. 1983

Brackenbury Natural Health Clinic


Quality Guarantee

Brackenbury’s high professional reputation is guarded by our rigorous approach to selecting practitioners. To apply at the Brackenbury, candidates need to have 2 years of post-graduate experience and provide 2 professional references. An in-depth interview with the practice manager determines whether they would be invited to join the Brackenbury team.

Many of our practitioners have worked at the clinic for over 20 years. All therapists are fully qualified, insured and registered with a professional organisation. Brackenbury prides itself in hosting the clinics of eminent alternative health experts, teachers, college directors and book authors.

Stelyana Spassova, Practice Manager
Stelyana Spassova, Practice Manager at Brackenbury Clinic

‘I have been managing the Brackenbury Clinic since 2003 and I find every single day enjoyable and rewarding. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work amongst such fantastic health experts and wonderful, warm people.’