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The art of practising Chinese Herbal Medicine stretches back over more than 5000 years, embracing all the domains of nature – earth and sea, season and weather, plant and animal – and all the elements that constitute the universe. Contemporary Chinese medicine represents the cumulative clinical experience and time-tested theories of five millennia of continuous practice by traditional Chinese doctors. It remains the world’s oldest, safest and most comprehensive system of medical care, developing as dynamically today as throughout its long history.

The major premise of Chinese medical theory is that all the forms of life in the universe are animated by an essential life force called Qi. In addition there is the theory of yin and yang, two opposite forces which cause problems if they get out of balance.

The Chinese medicine practitioner engages nature in an extraordinary balancing act. After determining the cause and nature of a patient’s energy imbalances, he or she must weigh such factors as weather, season and geography with the factors that are unique to the patient’s condition, balancing the whole act with appropriate herbal prescriptions and lifestyle advice.

A consultation with a Chinese Medicine herbalist will include a full examination with the traditional pulse diagnosis, and a detailed interview.

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