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Toyohari (Japanese Acupuncture)

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Toyohari is a style of Acupuncture originally established in Japan and known for its extremely gentle needling yet very powerful effect. Toyohari translates from Japanese as ‘East Asian Needle Therapy’. It was developed by a group of inspired blind practitioners in mid-20th Century and is based on the classical Meridian Therapy. Since the Toyohari Association was established, hundreds of sightless practitioners have been trained and the method has been developing and deepening ever since.

Toyohari emphasizes the importance of touch and relies on the ability of the practitioner to detect and work with the vital energy (Qi) which flows throughout the body. The unique Toyohari needling methods are extremely subtle and therefore suitable for everyone, including children, the elderly and those who are wary of needles.

Toyohari is a living tradition, relevant to the modern age. The Toyohari Association based in Japan ensures that the treatment methods and practices are constantly re-examined and re-evaluated. Toyohari practitioners gather together on a regular basis through regional meetings and workshops where  they hone their skills and refine even further the high standards of their practice.

Nowadays Toyohari is practiced by both sightless and sighted practitioners and is popular in Australia, Europe and the United States.

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