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Rosanne Hooper

I am a humanistic, integrative and Jungian psychotherapist. Psychotherapy offers a safe space where you can be listened to without judgement and a relationship through which you can explore your true feelings, your own thoughts as well as your ideas and dreams. Problems are an invitation to uncover patterns that may have been blocking you, to understand the deeper meaning behind conflicts and dilemmas, and to discover energies and potentials that may have been hidden. Therapy is a place where, given time, your true self can emerge and evolve.

One of the joys of this work is to witness the power of the psyche to heal, to express itself and to grow.

I have been involved in the therapy world for over 20 years, practising for over 15.

I trained at the Minster Centre, the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling and Re-vision. Equally formative have been a profound personal experience of depth psychotherapy, pioneering body-soul work, an initiation into women’s mysteries and wide-ranging personal and spiritual development. I am also a consultant editor.

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