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Makeda Hemans - Colon Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy West London

Makeda Hemans

I am a passionate, nature-loving therapist, specialising in using natural high-vibrational herbal treatments in Colon Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy. My philosophy is that all ailments can be treated with good nutrition (a diet high in fresh vegetable and fruit fibre & juices), drinking plenty of pure water, regular cleansing, exercise, fresh air and a peaceful mind. I believe plants contain the highest healing frequency, which means, when used correctly, can support the body to gain optimum performance.

As a colon hydrotherapist, I encourage clients to drink plenty of fresh vegetable and fruit juices and/or lots of pure water for at least 3 days prior to treatment, this greatly helps to hydrate the bowels and makes for a much better and thorough treatment. During treatment, I may use herbs or organic coffee to assist the detoxification process but this is decided on an individual basis. A deep colon massage is a standard procedure during colonic treatments as it greatly assists elimination.

Herbal plants are at the centre of my work as an aromatherapist – the essences of the plants are used during massage therapy for their effects upon the nervous system, for skin care and for general well-being.

My love and appreciation for the natural environment was nurtured from childhood. I remember being fascinated that my parents knew how to identify various herbs in our garden and could tell me of their uses. As a result I have used plants throughout my life to enhance my own health and have seen rapid recovery in my clients when they’ve remained committed and mindful.

Today my therapeutic practice and my business both integrate the healing properties within plants. Everything is plant derived – my skin products, foods and drinks, medication, everything. So when a client books an appointment with me they will also experience the essence of a flower, plant or root within their treatment.

As I continue my research on the philosophy and power of plants I’m currently undertaking an BSc Hons Degree in Herbal Medicine which will enable me to dispense herbal remedies. My intention is to treat the body in the way nature intended – with natural high vibrational plant remedies.


Colon Hydrotherapy:

Single appointments: £80/1 hr

Course of 3 sessions: £220

Course of 6 sessions: £420


£65/1 hr

To make an appointment with Makeda Hemans please call the Brackenbury Clinic on 02087419264 or send an enquiry.Send Enquiry

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