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Hugh Harrison - Homeopath and Cranio-Sacral Therapist West London

Hugh Harrison

Hugh Harrison RSHom, RCST has been practising Classical Homeopathy in the Isle of Wight for over 21 years and has published cases and research papers in a number of peer-reviewed journals. Since 1997, Hugh has combined Classical Homeopathy with Craniosacral Therapy (CST) which he terms ‘Homeocranial Therapy’.

Hugh has been a registered supervisor for both the Society of Homeopaths and the Craniosacral Therapy Association for fifteen years. He has taken a special interest in the craniosacral treatment of newborns for birth-related issues, as well as the homeopathic treatment of childhood illnesses and ailments.

Hugh has treated and undertaken peer-reviewed research into the homeopathic treatment of ‘glue ear’ (otitis media with effusion), as well as the Homeocranial treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Tinnitus.

Watch a video of Hugh discussing the need to include complementary and alternative medicine in today’s health care system.



1st consultation: £65/1 hr (adults) or £50/1 hr (children)

Follow-up consultation: £40/ ½ hr (adults) or £30/ ½ hr (children)

Craniosacral therapy:

1st consultation: £85/ 1.5 hrs (adults) or £65/1.5 hrs (children)

Subsequent treatments: £65/1 hr (adults) or £45/1 hr (children)

Homeopathic medicines can be purchased from the Clinic or ordered from Galen Pharmacy directly (Tel.: 01305 263996)

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