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Claire Hewison - Homeopath Hammersmith, West London

Claire Hewison

I first became interested in homeopathy when my new born son was diagnosed as a chronic asthmatic. I was told that he would be on inhalers at least until his teens and that exercise would be difficult for him. I took him to a homeopath and he responded so well to treatment that he has not had to use inhalers and his main interest in life is participating in sport!

I promised myself that I would learn to practice this powerful form of complementary medicine. I qualified from the London College of Classical Homoeopathy in 2000 and have been practicing in London ever since.

During my practice, I discovered that often food intolerances/allergies or generally poor diets contribute to and can maintain ill health. I went on to study nutrition and now practice the two therapies together, which is proving a very powerful therapeutic tool.


1st appt. – £95/ 1 1/2 hrs or £70/1 hr (children)
Follow-up appts. – £75/1 hr or £55/1/2 hr (children)

To make an appointment with Claire Hewison please call the Brackenbury Clinic on 02087419264 or send an enquiry.Send Enquiry

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